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Bible Trivia Question

Bible Trivia Question

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Who dreamed that his family bowed down to him?


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Which king dreamed of a tree that was cut down?


(Churches in Revelation) multiplied by (stars that bowed down to Joseph in a dream)

Gen 47:31 ...and he swore to him. Then Israel bowed himself...

What was the reason that Jacob and his family began a new life in Egypt?

War in Israel
Disease in Israel
Famine in Israel
A family argument

Why did Elimelech go to live in Moab with his family?

Earthquake in his home town
Famine in his home town
Distant relatives invited him
Disagreement with his town leaders

How did Korah and his family die after seeking priesthood duties beyond those they already had?

They were consumed by fire
The mountain crumbled beneath their feet and they fell
They were trampled by seven yoke of oxen
They were swallowed up by the earth

In what area of Egypt did Jacob and his family settle?

Upper Egypt

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

Vine and branches
Good shepherd
Bread of life
Friend at midnight

When Jesus forgave the sins of the sick man let down through the roof to him, to what did the Pharisees object?

They objected to the hole in the roof of the house
They thought Jesus should have healed the man rather than forgive his sins
They objected to the multitudes around coming to be healed
They thought only God could forgive sins

Which of David's elder brothers rebuked him for coming down to the battlefront?