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About the Author


Welcome to the vibrant world of Phil Logos, a passionate lay-preacher with a penchant for unveiling the hidden treasures of the Bible! With over 25 years of dedicated study and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Phil Logos has delved deep into the sacred texts to bring the good news to life for people of all walks of life.

Meet Phil Logos, a true bibliophile of the Holy Word, who has committed his life to spreading the love, wisdom, and guidance found within the pages of the Bible. His journey began more than two decades ago, when a spark of curiosity ignited an undying passion for the ancient scriptures. With an unwavering commitment to his mission, Phil Logos has since written countless quizzes, sermons, blog posts, and engaging resources to help people understand the essence of the good news.

But don't let his scholarly pursuits fool you! Phil Logos is far from your average theologian. He's an energetic, fun-loving spirit who believes that the joy of the Gospel should be contagious. With his charismatic approach, Phil Logos weaves captivating stories, intriguing anecdotes, and thought-provoking insights to make the complex world of the Bible accessible to everyone.

When he's not pouring over ancient texts or penning his latest insights, you'll find Phil Logos exploring the great outdoors on his bike, or sharing a hearty laugh with friends and family. His zest for life is infectious, and he firmly believes that the transformative power of the Bible should be celebrated with enthusiasm and joy.

Phil Logos is also blessed to be surrounded by a dedicated, talented team who shares his vision and passion for the Bible. This diverse group of individuals brings their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table, helping Phil Logos to create an even richer tapestry of understanding and connection. Together, they work tirelessly to ensure that the life-changing message of the Bible reaches as many people as possible.

Phil Logos

So, join Phil Logos and his amazing team on this exhilarating journey as he shares the good news with the world, one verse at a time. Whether you're a seeker, a believer, or simply curious about the Bible, you're sure to find inspiration, guidance, and a whole lot of fun as you explore the divine wisdom with our intrepid lay-preacher. Welcome aboard, and let the adventure begin!